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Nomad Nation Adventure Co.,Ltd (NNA) was established in 2009 and is since then successfully involved in incoming and outgoing tourism activities. Yet 10 years of its foundation , the staff of NNA have an experience in tourism field 15 years.

Coming to Mongolia
Coming to Mongolia can turn out to be an adventure.
Untouched landscapes
Travelers can experience nomadic culture in mountains, forests, sand dunes, and plains collide.
Travel Mongolia
It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller
Nomadic Mongolians
The nomadic Mongolians are friendly and hospitable people. They love receiving guests, especially foreigners.

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John Smith

New York, USA


This was our first organized tour and it was so well organized! I saw so many more things than we would have done alone. I’m ready to go again!


Taylor Rose

Paris, France


“I have to admit that this was by far the most outstanding, and adventurous, client trip I have ever participated in! The itinerary was perfectly planned! There was time to mingle, play and sightsee with the entire crew, and time enough to explore on our own.”


Robert Romano

london, England


Mongolia was magical with my granddaughters. Everything was perfect, it was the trip of a lifetime.


Sandara park

roma, italy


You gave us a vacation of fantasies – Thank you.


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General Information About Mongolia
Mongolia, situated in the heart of Asia. Mongolia is the country of grass of the steppes, sand dunes, mountains. Mongolia is a land of nomadizm. Mongolia is the country of blue sky. Mongolia is a remarkable sunny country enjoying 262 sunny days a year. Come to Mongolia with Nomad Nation Adventure and find out what […]
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Nature and Environnement of Mongolia
General information about nature and environnement of Mongolia Overall, the nature and environment of Mongolia are still in a good state of preservation; primarily due to late urbanization, nomadic lifestyle traditionally sparing its resources to survive, and very respectful spirituality and harmony with the forces of Nature. Biodiversity is significant, especially in the North and […]
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History of Mongolia
The common natural resource is surface and underground water. The total annual water reservoir of Mongolia is 1,200 billion cubic feet (34 billion cu.m.) and most of it is fresh water. In Mongolia, there are many possibilities of using the water resource properly. Ancient Times The Birth (Origin) of Mongols The Period of the Hunnu […]
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