Before leaving

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Here is a small non exhaustive list of the things you shouldn’t forget:

  • You should rather take a small limp bag or a travel backpack, because it’s easier to shove them in the cars, on the horses or yaks’ back
  • A small backpack for your dairy stuff
  • Fast drying underwear
  • One urban outfit (optional)
  • Light clothes and warm clothes because the temperatures range is sometimes very important from one place to the next, according to the climate and the moment of the day
  • Fleece jacket, wind-cheater, Polartec-type or Windpro-type
  • Comfortable trousers for hikes, treks and pony treks
  • High socks and thermic tights, just in case, if you travel in May or September
  • Waterproof trekking shoes with grip soles and high ankle. You must feel good inside your shoes, don’t bring new shoes, they could give you a lot of blisters
  • A bonnet and a scarf in case of big drop in temperature (except from the 10th of June to the 20th of August)
  • Gloves, especially if you will ride a horse
  • A raincoat, K-way-type or Goretex-type. Please don’t bring ponchos or other loose rain clothes, because they could frighten the horses if you ride
  • A foulard, bandana-type, a hat or a cap to protect yourself from sun and dust
  • Sunglasses with a protection factor 3 minimum
  • A sleeping bag sheet you will place inside your sleeping bag
  • Biodegradable soap, shampoo and washing powder
  • Towelettes and antibacterial gel
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Batteries for camera or solar batteries
  • A protection bag for your camera: dust is everywhere
  • Paper handkerchieves
  • Knife Opinel-type or Swiss army knife-type, lighter, sewing accessories are always useful
  • Bin liners you can place inside your travel bag to protect your personal stuff from the rain
  • Head lamp (easier to use)
  • A flask for the pony treks

For the pony treks, you may want to add:

  • Equitation boots
  • Equitation pants
  • Sheep’s skin to put on the saddle (optional)

Please note that’s not uncommon that luggage arrive lately the day after your arrival, if not, but rarely, two or three days after. To protect yourself against any troubles, we recommend you to bring a change outfit and to keep it with you in cabin. Also when you travel with your spouse or your family, we recommend you to share your belongings between the different bags. Doing this way, if a bag doesn’t arrive, it’s not all the belongings of one person that will lack, but some belongings of each person.

Please don’t bring new cases, or brand cases. Mongolia is a dusty country and your bags are sometimes manhandled.