Health and vaccination in Mongolia

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Itching, indigestion, blister, small injury… These little things might easily waste your trip. This is what my personal medicine bag could contain:

 Medicine bag

– Repellent against mosquitos and other insects

– Soothing cream in case of vegetal irritation or insect bite

– Solar protection cream

– After sun cream

– Disinfectant

– Sterile compresses and plasters, among others anti blisters plasters

– Bandage

– Paracetamol

– Anti haematomas and anti muscles aches cream

– Medicines against diarrhoea and constipation

– Throat pastilles

– Eye lotion, in case of eye dryness

– Broad-spectrum antibiotic

– Tweezers

– Purifying pastilles


No vaccination is obligatory to come to Mongolia. Nevertheless you will travel in a remote zone of the world. So take some precautions. Vaccinations that Institut Pasteur recommends:

– Diphteria, poliomyelitis and tetanus

– Hepatitis A (if you travel a lot)

– Typhoid (if you fear for risks)

– Hepatitis B (for long or repeated travels)

– Rabies (for solo travellers or adventurous tours)

– Tick encephalitis (for the pony treks in Khovsgol in May, June ade July)