Photos and videos in Mongolia

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Films and equipment: Mongolia is very photogenic. Many brands of films and even Polaroid are available in Ulan Bator’s shops, but anywhere else in the country. But the prices are high and it’s better to check the date of expiry.

Near Genghis Khan Square, many shops propose to print your pictures for a bargain price. But although quality is getting better and better, it’s not always there. You can also have your pictures printed at the ground floor of the department store, or wait to be back home.

Technical advices: during the jeep trips on the tracks, remember that there will be a lot of dust. It’s very important to keep your camera in a safe place in a plastic bag. Keep the films away from the sun in the Gobi Desert, and keep them warm in winter, because cold temperatures can prevent your camera and batteries from working properly. Bring some spare batteries, because they can stop working because of cold, even in summer.

During the tours, you will have a few opportunities to charge the batteries. It will be possible almost exclusively in the ger camps, if you entrust your batteries to the staff of the camp. A charger adaptable to the cigarette lighter of the car can be a feasible solution for the jeep trips, but during the self-sufficient tours, you should rather be autonomous with the batteries during all the tour.

Restrictions: it’s forbidden to take pictures inside the monasteries and temples. There’s no restriction outside. Sometimes, you can be authorised to take a picture in exchange for an offering. Inside most of the museums, you have to pay an – often high –  extra if you want to take pictures. You’re recommended to try to have a quick look inside the museum before deciding to pay the extra or not.

Remember that lamas and nomads are not models and if they don’t want to be photographed, you must not. It’s more polite to always ask before taking a picture.

Be careful if you want to photograph sensitive areas, especially borders and military buildings.